about a small pottery


The current home of this pottery is Pendleton, OR.

If I get it going, this will be a small pottery, producing figurines for the model horse market. Because of the many skills I'll have to learn, it could be some time before I could conceivably produce a horse or pony of my own.

There's a LOT of work to do in the house to get things ready. Mainly, I need to have some damage fixed, move hubby and his computer out of the workroom, then pull carpets and get a more suitable flooring in there. Then the wiring for the kiln will need to be set up! As doing repairs is now physically harder for me than it used to be, I can't say when I might be done.

I do plan to sell some of the stuff that is taking up space I don't have. Please join my Yahoogroups list to receive the first announcements of any sale items!