where I used to sell stuff!



Restorations - If a sales item is marked as restored, please read this page!

Payment & Shipping

When I decide to work on sales again, posts will most likely be made to my Yahoogroup and items listed with photos on either the Model Horse Sales Pages or eBay. I am no longer planning to maintain a separate sales list here, it just takes too much time.

I will leave the restoration information and general payment information up.


I accept credit card payments through PayPal. Buyer Protection is guaranteed.

I accept USPS postal money orders or any form of PayPal. I may accept personal checks if we've done business before. Checks may be held to clear before shipping at my discretion.

Postagepaid prices are valid within the USA only! All postage paid prices reflect a particular carrier and service level. I *do* provide combined shipping discounts when more than one item is purchased at a time as long as it is possible to ship said items in one box without going to oversize box charges! Ask for a quote!

I reserve the right to put signature confirmation on any item at my expense!

International shipment usually requires additional postage! I reserve the right to decide whether I am willing to offer every item internationally. I also reserve the right to require shipment through a trackable means for higher priced items. Please email me your country for further information and a quote. I fill out customs forms accurately and honestly. Invoices are included in packages. Buyers are solely responsible for any customs taxes.

Available shipping carriers: USPS 1st class or Priority Mail for smaller items. USPS Express, USPS Priority or UPS Ground for larger horses. If an item is not particularly fragile or expensive, I may offer USPS Parcel Post or FedEx Ground. USPS Media Mail for books. Carrier and service are noted, if more than one service is listed shipment is at my discretion. If you prefer a different carrier or service, ask and I'll see what I can do!

Other Notes

— On some items, I reserve the right to use U-Pic parcel insurance in order to keep my prices down. Buyers are expected to cooperate with any claim procedures necessary, up to and including mailing me a signed affidavit attesting to loss or damage and providing clear physical printed photographs of any damage.

When I insure, it is primarily against lost packages. I pack very carefully and rarely have any items arrive damaged. If you prefer USPS insurance, you can ask for it and I'll provide a revised shipping quote. I will note where I am planning to use U-Pic.

Time Payments
— I no longer take time payments. It's too much work. If you need time pay, you can do that through PayPal and your credit card.

Hold = probably going to be sold. I've put the item on hold while the interested party sends payment. I will notify other interested parties should the sale not go through.

Temp hold = may or may not be sold. I've put the item on hold while someone checks their collection for duplicates or I need to provide answers to questions, a quote for a different shipping carrier, combined shipment or international postage.

— I retain copyright on all my sales photos whether or not there is a copyright watermark present on the image. However, I am more than pleased to allow the new owner of a model horse or chachki to use the sale photos for online photo showing. It is appreciated if you leave existing watermarks intact or credit my photography in some fashion.

Please be sure to follow any online show rules, i.e. if rules specify that you must have taken the photo yourself, then play fair and don't use my photos for that show, thanks!

For other uses, please ask permission!