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Stallion of the North - The Unique Story of the Iceland Horse

Stallion of the North

— An out of print glossy hardcover book about the Icelandic Horse. A really nice little reference book covering history of the Icelandic horse, breeding practices, discussion of the five gaits, riding in Iceland and Icelandic horse shows and races. An interesting read, Icelandic horse fans would enjoy this book.

Condition is very good. Front cover has some dents, the back cover a few scratches, both covers have scuffing to the gloss. Price markings in pencil inside front cover. Binding intact. Slight corner dings. Interior clean. Slight yellowing to page edges.

Text by Sigurdur A. Magnússon
Photos by Gudmundur Ingólfsson & others
ISBN 0-917712-06-4
Published in 1978 by Iceland Review, Reykjavik, Iceland
& Longship Press, Nantucket, MA
Approximately 85+ color photographs. 95 pages
Dimensions: 8.12" H x 8" W x .5" D

$12 postagepaid via USPS Media Mail with DC. ON HOLD

Wild Horses I Have Known - by Hope Ryden

Wild Horses I Have Known by Hope Ryden

— A small, but nicely laid out & photographed glossy hardcover book. The author spent much of her life documenting the last remaining herds of wild mustangs along the Wyoming-Montana Pryor Mountain range and her experiences make a nice read. The photos could offer inspiration to either a painter or sculptor.

The last few pages in the book are a section featuring various colours of these mustangs, from grulla, to medicine hat pinto, to buckskin, cremello, blue roan, etc - followed by text and commentary by the author describing these colours.

Condition is very good. Slight scuffing of the covers. Slight corner dings. Binding intact and reasonably crisp. Interior clean.

ISBN 0-395-77520-5
Published by Clarion Books, a Houghton-Mifflin Company imprint
Copyright 1999
Approximately 56 color photographs. 90 pages
Dimensions: 9.75" H x 9.75" W x .5" D

$12 postagepaid via USPS Media Mail with DC. ON HOLD

Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig "Frolic" Stoneware Tile

SMB Frolic Tile

— In January 2010, Sarah introduced 73 experimental glaze tiles as an "ironing" out of the production process and testing of several different glazes. There were a lot of variations amongst these tiles that probably won't be present in final production runs sold Etsy.com. Sarah then offered these for sale to her Yahoo group members and they were quickly snapped up! Sarah also announced that these will be the very last tiles that she ever ties ribbons to! So here's your chance to get one of the first batch stamped tiles that Sarah has produced. They are lovely and organic looking!

This is Moss "H" and a picture by Sarah can be seen here. I've done my best to get a reasonably accurate photo for color, however, please forgive some small glare spots, I'm working with a new DSLR camera and don't yet have a polarizer filter for my macro lens.

The tile is in perfect condition and comes with the original bubblewrap pocket with a Minkiewicz Studios sticker and business card, a thank you card, a small pamphlet describing the tile and the original shipping box. The acrylic stand in the picture is NOT included, it did not come with the tile. Dimensions for the tile are roughly 3"L x 3"W x 3/16" D.

$20 postagepaid via USPS 1st Class Mail with DC. ON HOLD

Napco 1958 GE6144 Foal - matte palomino

Napcoware Foal - right side Napcoware Foal - left side Napcoware Foal - sticker

— Established in 1938 in Bedford, Ohio, the National Potteries Corporation, otherwise known as Napco and sometimes Napcoware, imported various styles of ceramic, glass, and china giftware. Owned and operated in the Midwest, Napco distributed a variety of collectibles, including ceramic horse figurines from Japan. This foal is dated 1958 on the Napco Originals by Giftcraft sticker remnant and is likely part of a series of larger horses done by Napco. This is a nice piece, with good painting. MINT.

There are a couple minor issues, though nothing uncommon to an MIJ horse. There is an area on the front left leg tendon that appears to have had a bit of extra clay. There are also some small dark specks on the right shoulder area. You can see both issues in the photos.

Dimensions: 6" H x 6.5" L x 2" D

$xx postagepaid via USPS Priority Mail w/DC. ON HOLD